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Just a handful of beads, and as a result - beauty. 20 clothes decor ideas

Beads can be very nice to embroider clothes. They are decorated with collars and sleeves of shirts and blouses, embroidered patterns on clothes - in a word, they complement the existing image in every way. It is good to combine large and small beads of similar or combined colors - then the thing will turn out really exclusive and extraordinarily beautiful.
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Design and Architecture

Kitchen with balcony: cozy arrangement and practical design

If the layout of the apartment provides such an arrangement of rooms, it is a sin not to use it. To equip the kitchen in different ways. At least, in the summertime, it is easy to organize a meal area on the balcony, and in winter it can be used as an additional fridge. If the balcony is glazed and well insulated, you can go further: get rid of the frame and equip an elegant bar counter.
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Bag-envelope - perfect for a business woman

A business image requires matching accessories. Pay attention to the bag-envelope. Thanks to its uncluttered silhouette, it will fit almost any clothing. In such a bag will fit all the necessary documents and gadgets. A flat bag will not overload your image, despite its impressive size. Strict lines make it appropriate to use bright colors, unusual textures and rather massive fittings.
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Window decoration textiles: custom solutions that make the situation special

Textiles - an excellent material for diverse interior solutions. The use of curtain fabric, along with interesting alternatives, makes it possible to realize a lot of ideas concerning the design of both window and door openings. Among the interesting solutions are not only classics using different types of draperies, but also creativity with elements of asymmetry.
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